iViu Technologies

iViu is a location-based digital media provider that has created a universal, easy-to-use smartphone application for consumers, which presents targeted and relevant promotional messages, product and company information, special offers and discounts, events, news, and much more. iViu’s application enables a company, brand or marketer to be in front of the customer at exactly the right time and at exactly the right place.
When the iViu app is enabled on a smartphone, it will automatically and continuously detect where the customer is inside a building providing insight to what the customer is interested in. The purpose of the iViu app is to allow customers to immediately retrieve in-depth information about the places, objects or services that are located right in front of them, without having to do a separate internet search. As the customer’s location changes, the information that the iViu app makes available also changes. The information displayed always has contextual relevance to the customer’s exact location and interests. The customer will have an indoor navigation option that allows the customer to navigate to any place or item they want to find.
The application satisfies the customer’s demand for instant information; it also provides detailed analytics and trends, targeted information, and real-time movements to company owners, retailers, merchants, brands, marketers and vendors.

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