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The Importance of Web Design


 Have you ever gone to a website that was so cluttered, disorganized and overall hurt your eyes just to look at it? Like…this?


This might have been acceptable in the 90’s, but we’re in the 2010’s now, and it’s time to go sleek, sophisticated and clean. When a consumer, business partner or anyone with access to the Internet goes to your website, you need to make sure you’re representing yourself and whomever else you may be accountable the way you want to be perceived. How would you feel if Apple’s website went from the classic all-white design to a multi-colored, word-heavy cluster? It wouldn’t reflect Apple’s image at all.
We’re in the age of “less is more”—instead of writing detailed descriptions of everything, we have instead condensed our messaging into pictures, infographics and 140 characters. Everyone is constantly on the go and moving through information so quickly, you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression the moment someone comes to your website.