Just Keep Swimming: 5 Things to Bring to the Beach—and Your Next Pitch

With summer just around the corner, many of us get distracted by thoughts of spending more time in the sun. But, let’s face it, in PR, if we don’t exceed client expectations, we’re the ones who will get burned. That’s why I like to think of getting ready for a pitch like I’m getting ready for the beach.

Below are five essential items I pack that play an integral role in crafting a sizzling pitch:

  1. The first item I grab is the most important: sunscreen. In the same way I apply a layer of SPF 15, I stick to the facts to protect my pitch from hyperbole. Keep it simple and organic, just like you should with your sunscreen. (Considering May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it’s worth mentioning that a new study shows how quickly certain chemicals absorb into the bloodstream. Best defense? Choose a sunscreen with natural minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.)

  2. Bring music into the mix. I always have a playlist to set the mood. In the same way listening to certain songs at the beach can help me relax, it’s a great way to kickstart creativity for a pitch. Often a lyric or melody can birth a hook.

  3. Pack the right amplifier. Selecting an appropriate channel and volume is as important at the beach as it is in your pitch. Are you gently nudging the Financial Times on a press release, or are you calling People for the elevator pitch of your life?

  4. Bring a good book to engage and stimulate your mind. There’s nothing like getting lost in a good story—at the beach or behind a desk. So, try imagining a reporter sitting by the water, waiting to be swept away (not by a wave but by a great angle).

  5. Pack light but include substance. Food is fuel whether you are at the beach or in the office. Treat yourself with a healthy snack (like crunchy, cheesy, plant-based  Peatos) to keep you energized but not weighed down with empty calories that’ll make you sink instead of swim. And be brief. Too much of a good thing—be it sun or story—is, well, too much.