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Putting the Social in Social Media with Neal Schaffer

Hi everyone! Today, we are looking to learn from our guest Neal Schaffer as we talk about social media, content and management tools. We also chat about influencers, data caps and more! Enjoy!

Blazing a Trail, with Barry Matsumori

Science, tech and startups. They’re within the most exciting tech sectors today. And Barry Matsumori CEO of BridgeComm, loves it! This week on PR 360 we talk with Barry about startup life, the value proposition that led to Qualcomm being dominant, taking risks and following with passion. It’s a great episode for anyone that needs some inspiration.

The Future is in 5G with Verizon’s Kim Ancin

5G, it’s the latest G for telecom businesses. Today, we talk with Kim Ancin, Director of Corporate Communications at Verizon, about how they inform and bring awareness around 5G protocols and how marketing messages and strategies are used to get the message out. We also discuss tools to monitor PR efforts, influencer marketing, bringing awareness of 5G to non-tech people, and more! Get excited for the future of 5G and PR!

How Data is Changing the PR Industry with Western Digital’s Steve Shattuck

This week we sit down with Steve Shattuck, Senior Director, PR, and Communications at Western Digital. We discuss why it’s important to talk and listen to your customers in creating the right products for them. Also, pivoting when the market gets bumpy, generate the right leads, how to send the right message about your products, influencer marketing and more! Enjoy!

What to Do About Data with Identity Praxis’s Michael Becker

In this episode of PR 360 we are joined by Michael Becker. Michael is the Founder of Identity Praxis. We discuss how to properly use data and the coming ethical struggles on how to use data when collected. Also, the effect GDPR is having, how data helps PR Pros create the best content, how much data will be transferred to companies in the future. If you’ve ever been curious about data, this is the right episode for you!

Once Upon a Brand Story with Jason Moriber, former CSO for Verizon
Part Two

Part two of a two-part series, we discuss how long brands should “pause” a story, AI and storytelling, exercises to do for storytelling, and more!

Once Upon a Brand Story with Jason Moriber, former CSO for Verizon
Part One

Storytelling is a word PR and marketing professionals hear often. In part one of a two-part series, we discuss Jason’s favorite books, if the phrase “tell your story” is being overused, what content is best suited for “telling a story” and more!

Tracking Success with TechNew’s Leon Harbar, Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Engagement of TechNews.io


Leon discusses the difference between TechNews from the other software’s, why niching yourself is a good idea, tracking what influencers are saying about your brand, and the future of PR! Enjoy!

Power up with B2B Social Media expert Stacey Sayer, Corporate and Digital Communications for Global Marketing at Advanced Energy

Stacey’s talks about social media and B2B, how B2B uses social media to bring awareness and debunk a few misconceptions about it, content marketing, what the future of B2B social media looks like, and cat ownership. It’s the Purrfect episode for you! Enjoy!

Answering the Call: An interview with Sharon Oddy, head of marketing and corporate comms for iconectiv

Sharon sheds light on the robocalling phenomenon and the consequences legitimate businesses face as a result of this when used in an unethical manner. A very informative episode that should not be missed!