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What is the Future of Audio Content with A Shark’s Perspective Host Kenneth “Shark” Kinney

We talk about PR campaigns, how to make them successful, podcasting, audio content, Clubhouse, Competition coming for Clubhouse, and the future of audio content.

Finding the Theme in Book Publishing with Burning Soul Press PR Manager Allison Buehner

Talk with Burning Soul Press PR Manager Allison Buehner about book publishing. We discuss content creation, successful strategies, using live streaming, and more!

Pivoting to the Changes and Audio Content with JMAC PR’s Principal John McCartney

We talk with John McCartney from JMAC PR. We discuss the changes in the PR industry, difficulty in contacting journalists, product announcements, Clubhouse, content, and more!

Understanding How To Reach Multicultural Communities with ChavezPR President Stephen Chavez

We talk with ChavezPR President Stephen Chavez about multicultural communities and how to reach them. PR pros must understand how to reach multicultural communities and having the right budget for it. We talk about areas that PR pros need to focus on, research, and making sure there’s a budget for it.

Packaging Your Story to the Media with Henry Schein’s Vice President of Global Corporate Media Ann Marie

We talk with Henry Schein’s Ann Marie about the media. We discuss how to get more media contacts, what’s changed in the previous year, has traditional media gotten smaller, how to make sure you don’t something that can give you bad press.

Making Advocacy Programs Easy with Social HP’s Head of Growth John Baldock

We talk with Social HP’s Head of Growth John Baldock about social advocacy. We go over what it is, how to do it well, what social networks are better for it, what the future looks like and when it all goes wrong how to take down the offending content.

Getting the Most Out of Your Strategic Internal Communications with Internal Communications Inc’s Priya Bates

We talk with Internal Communications Inc’s Priya Bates about internal communications. During the last year, we’ve seen a shift to make sure employees working from home are connected to the company and their employees. We discuss what that looks like, what content to use, and how to get the most of your internal comms.

Patience and Knowing Your Company Persona is Key to Great Ads with Eric Morley

We talk about coffee, ads, clubhouse app, when to pivot on your campaign, what are good ads, how do you go about making good ads, and the impact on the ad industry.

Creating the Right Pitch and Brand Message with Ashlee Sang

We talk with Ashlee Sang about brand messaging, content, content strategy, the voice of the customer, influencers, and improving your skills in pitching. Plus, learn what piece of content she would create if she went viral!

Thriving in 2021 by Creating the Right Visual Identity for Your Brand with Birk Creative’s Jinja Birkenbeuel

We talk with Birk Creative’s Jinja Birkenbeual about digital content, podcasts, hiring the right PR pro for your business, visual identity, digital transformation, 2021, video content, and multi-brand strategy.

Speeding up the Future in 5G with Howard Waterman

We discuss 5G and other PR strategies with Howard Waterman. We look towards the future with how people will content while working from home. What is a drive-by and how can you do it not being in the office and what Howard wants 6G to be like?

The Future of Awards Shows with Best in Biz Award Show Founder Julia Zamorska

We talk with Best in Biz Award Founder Julia Zamorska. We talk about why most awards shows don’t work virtually, the best content for them, and what the future looks like for them.

Keeping the Faith With Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and California Love Drop’s Wing Lam

We talk with Wing Lam of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and California Love Drops. We talk about how he started California Love Drops, how he’s staying afloat, how to find solutions to problems and some inspirational words to restaurant owners.

Robocalls and Celebrating Our First Anniversary with iconectiv’s Sharon Oddy

We celebrate our first anniversary. We also bring back our first guest, Sharon Oddy to discuss an update on what’s been going on and how the fight to stop illegal robocalls is going.

Understanding Good CyberSercuirty with SecureAnchor’s Dr. Eric Cole

We talk with former CIA hacker and cybersecurity expert Dr. Eric Cole. We talk about what is hacking, how must companies have been hacked, how to do proper cybersecurity, what does this mean for PR pros, and how working from home has virtual offices for companies.

Make Stellar Virtual Events with GoodGirlPR’s Nickie E. Robinson

We talk with GoodGirlPR’s Nickie Robinson about virtual events. The good, the bad, and how to make your virtual events memorable. We discuss tools to use and the future of virtual events.

Crafting the Right Message on Social Media with Global Results Communication’s Justin Petruccelli

This week we talk with Global Results Communications’ Justin Petruccelli. We discuss everything about content, how brands can navigate the social media space, when it’s the right time to message, and when it’s a wrong time message.

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn with John C. Morley

We talk with LinkedIn expert John C. Morely about coffee, tea, the annoying things people do on LinkedIn, the future of LinkedIn, and one killer feature LinkedIn should create!

Creating a Memorable Virtual Event with Carla Fitzgerald

We talk about virtual events: how they are so prevalent, why they lack impact, how can we create engagement, and how being too buzzwordy can hinder your PR and marketing initiatives.

Finding Your Hook with Terry Rich

We talk with Terry Rich about his success in the PR industry, how he got his start, finding the hook, and how to have an open body when conducting an interview.

Amplifying Voices that Need to Be Heard with digitalundivided’s Christina Brown

We talk with digitalundivided’s Christina Brown. She is the director of content at digitalundivided and we discuss branding, successful comm campaigns, and content creation.

Discussing the Future of Mobile Communications with Pivotal Commware’s Kent Lundgren

We talk with Kent Lundgren about the mobile industry, how they are paving the way for better 5G, messaging to customers, and how they kept the competitors at bay.

What the Game Industry Looks Like with Kitecaster’s Ed Zitron

We talk with Kitecaster’s Ed Zitron. This week we take a closer look at the gaming industry. Where it’s going, what messaging mishaps have happened, and how to be a better PR person in the gaming industry.

Getting to the Point in Your Press Release with Global Results Communication UK’s Vice President Kevin Taylor

We talk with GRC’s Vice President UK Kevin Taylor about how to write a press release in the UK. How writing is the most important skill in PR and how the US and UK working together is the best for both countries.

Putting Trust Back into Automated Voice, Text, and Chatbots with iconectiv’s Tara Condon

We talk with iconectiv’s Marketing & Business Intelligence Leader Tara Condon about automated voice, text, and chatbots. We discuss why automation is not the problem. How PR pros can communicate that better and more.

Keeping up with the changes in PR with Global Results Communication’s Managing Director Lora Wilson

We talk with GRC’s Managing Director Lora Wilson about the state of PR. We discuss how PR pros and brands can navigate 2020 and what is important for PR pros to know and communicate with brands.

Automating and Bringing the Message to Your Employees with Tonkean’s Frank Bauch

We talk with Frank Bauch the Director of Communications at Tonkean. We discuss how Tonkean can help PR pros get their work done, and help boost their employee engagement. It all starts with automation! We also discuss customer profiles, working from home, and more!

Using the Right Content for Your Content Ads with inPowered’s Chelsea Waite

We talk with inPowered’s about content advertising, digital ads, puppies, podcast analytics, SEO, data collection, consumer fears on their data being collected, and where the future or ads is going.

Protecting Your Place of Business with Verkada’s Christina Schultz

We talk with Verkada’s Christina Schultz about the importance of security, customer journey, messaging strategies that have worked for Verkada, what messaging strategies have worked for them to keep churn low, and more!

Disrupting the Fintech industry with Global Results Communication’s Karen Sorenson

This week on PR 360 I talk with Global Results Communication’s Karen Sorenson as we discuss Financial Tech or Fintech. We talk about the customer journey, pain points, what are or were the disruptors in Fintech, what B2B and B2C customers want, and how PR pro can play a role in the future of Fintech.

The Year of the Pivot with Zendesk’s Paige Young

We talk with Zendesk’s Paige Young about their product, messaging, and customer service. We also talk about Service as a Subscription or SaaS, churn, how to pivot, and learn from 2020.

Transparency, Mondays, and Digital Workflows with monday.com’s Leah Walters

We discuss why monday.com is named after Monday, what has changed in comm plans since 2020, why education collateral is crucial, and how PR pros can use Transparency in their comm plan in 2021.

Getting a Better SEO Rank with INK from Aspen’s CEO Michael Unmasky

We talk about with Aspen’s CEO Michael Unmasky about their new software INK and SEO. Companies and PR pros must understand and leverage the power of SEO in 2020. We talk about the constant changes, the future of SEO, and why you should not forget about the smart speakers.

How to Craft the Right Messaging for Cybersecurity with Zadara’s Lauren Koszarek

We talk with Zadara’s Vice President of Communications Lauren Koszarek about everything you need to know about cybersecurity. It’s a great episode giving PR pros tips and tricks to craft better messaging around these topics and how to better protect the company PR pros work for.

Understanding and Using Big Data to Craft Better Stories with Global Results Communication’s Casey Bush

We talk with Global Results Communications’ Casey Bush about big data. We discuss how big data has changed the PR industry, how PR pros can better use it, and why it’s important to have a human touch as well.

Freelancing is the Future with Toptal’s Simon Sproule

We talk with Toptal’s Simon Sproule about the freelancing industry. We discuss the future of the freelancing industry, how the pandemic has changed work, if people should go into freelancing, and more!

The Changing Media Newsroom with Global Results Communications’ Anne Milo Shanahan

We talk with our very own Anne Milo Shanahan about how the newsroom is changing. We also talk about journalism, the shrinking newsroom, and the best ways to reach journalists.

The Changing of Lifestyle with Purple Orange Brand Communication’s Chris Dickey

We talk with Purple Orange Brand Communication’s Chris Dickey. We discuss how the lifestyle brands pivot and how they kept their brands relevant through the pandemic. How lifestyles are using live streaming and how a hybrid live streaming and in real life strategy will help propel lifestyle brands forward.

How Everything has Changed with Topgolf’s Kara Barry

We talk with Kara Barry, she is the Head of Communications at Topgolf. We discuss how to be flexible, why everything has changed, how to keep your business in the customer’s mind without being selly, and favorite golf courses!

Keeping Positive While Talking to the Media with Throughline Group’s Brad Phillips

We talk with Brad Phillips, he is the CEO of Throughline Group and media and media training. We discuss ways to deliver data, how to keep positive when the question seems negative, and how to train your mind to be positive during an interview.

Deciphering Cryptocurrency with lolli’s Aubrey Strobel

We talk with Head of Communication at lolli Aubrey Strobel. It’s about marketers understanding the value or Twitter, elevator pitches, and how to find the best way of educating new and returning customers. We also, talk about cryptocurrency and the impact it has had during this pandemic.

Progressing Your Brands Mission and Purpose with Dynamic Signal’s Robyn Hannah

This week’s episode of PR 360 we talk with Dynamic Signal’s Robyn Hannah about progressing the purpose and vision of your company and brand through PR initiatives. We talk about diversity, inclusion, how to implement them, and why they are important. Tune in to find out more!

Navigating Live Streaming and Post Pandemic Messaging with Sarah Evans

Navigating this post pandemic strategy for your client/business can be difficult. This episode we talk with Sarah Evans about live streaming, digital ads, community content, and how she’s an expert list maker. Enjoy!

What does the post pandemic strategy look like from Stantec Danny Craig APR

This week we are talking to Danny Craig APR of Stantec. We talk about video production, post pandemic strategy, podcasting, digital content, PRSA and more! If you are a PR pro that needs some guidance on how to handle the opening up of your business, this episode is for you!

Getting the Right Message Out at the Right Time with City of Lake Forest Jon Volzke

This week, we talk to Jon Volzke from the City of Lake Forest. We talk about his work as a reporter that has helped him being a PR pro, media relations, live streaming, PR pro becoming gatekeepers, crisis plans, and more! Enjoy!

Discussing How the PR Field is Changing with Ron Culp

This episode of PR 360 we get to talk to Ron Culp. He is pracademic and had a great career leading several Fortune 500 companies communication teams and initiatives. We talk about crisis comm, podcasting, and live streaming for businesses, universities transitioning to digital, and more!

Pivot and Planning for the Future of PR with Ragan Communications and PR Daily’s Editor Ted Kitterman

This week on PR 360 we talk to Ragan Communication and PR Daily’s Editor Ted Kitterman. We talk about the PR industry, crisis comms, digital content creation, and how to message during and post-pandemic crisis. If you are stuck or need tips on how to avoid this episode is for you!

Discussing the Important Topics of Social Media with Susie Erjavec Parker

We hope everyone is doing well, but, if you’re looking to get a better handle on social media and where it’s going, then, this episode is for you! Brett Deister discusses everything about social media with expert Susie Erjavec Parker. We talk about the future of social media, influencer marketing, strategies for post-pandemic, and more!

Creating Compelling Presentations with Nils Swedlund

Presentation is the key to many aspects of a company’s activities. Everything from a press event, to conferences, and funding. We talk with Nils Swedlund about presentations, alternative presentation software, the future of presentations, and presentation pet peeves. If you’ve always wanted to be better at presenting, this episode is for you!

Deciphering the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence with Martin Waxman

This week on PR 360 is all about Artificial Intelligence. I am joined by Martin Waxman, an expert in the field to discuss how we should not be afraid of AI, and how it can be used to help PR pros craft better messages and more!

Get the Best Advice for Media Training and Crisis Comm from CommCore’s Andy Gilman

Media training and crisis communication are crucial for every PR pro and company. This week I am joined by Andy Gilman from CommCore. We talk about crisis comm templates, live streaming, podcasting, and how to get rid of verbal crutches.

Understanding Messaging and Telematics with Geotab’s Kelly Hall

This week we talk to Kelly Hall from Geotab. We discuss our love for coffee. Why marketing and PR will always be separate and important. How holistic messaging is the best messaging, and what marketing tool would she create. It’s going to be a great episode!

Delivering Your Message In a Time of Crisis with Lakeland City Commissioner Chad Mcleod

This week’s episode I am joined by fellow podcaster and Lakeland official Chad Mcleod. We talk about how to get your message out during a crisis and how to use the resources available for you and local governments. We talk about crisis communications, live streaming, and more!

How to Capitalize on Hot Stories with Ed Finegold Part 1

Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of PR 360. This week, we discuss with Ed Finegold on how to capitalize on hot stories. They can happen at any time and, it’s important to recognize when a stories obtain big reach! Listen in as Ed breakdowns on what to do, and how to look at each story. Enjoy!

The Day and the Life of a CMO with Plannuh’s Peter Mahoney

Welcome to a new episode of PR 360! This week we have Peter Mahoney founder and CEO of Plannuh and former CMO of Nuance, a multi-billion-dollar leader in voice recognition. Brett and Peter talk about marketing tools, voice search and the hurdles and obstacles CMOs and marketers face in the industry. If you aspire to be a CMO, this is a great episode for you!

Pivoting Your Strategy in an Uncertain Time with BizHack’s Dan Grech

PR 360 wishes everyone a safe and healthy week in these emerging pandemic times. This week we talk with BizHack’s founder Dan Grech. We talk about the sudden change we’ve all faced in the business world. Find out ways to jump start your marketing/PR today and, how to pivot. Plus, why it’s important to advertise now!

Personalizing Your Message with David Span

This week, we talk to David Span, CMO for Alef. We discuss the importance of messaging, relationships and personalization. We also discuss the tech behind Alef and how marketers are selling more of an idea, than a product. Let’s get personal with our messaging!

Putting the Social in Social Media with Neal Schaffer

Hi everyone! Today, we are looking to learn from our guest Neal Schaffer as we talk about social media, content and management tools. We also chat about influencers, data caps and more! Enjoy!

Blazing a Trail, with Barry Matsumori

Science, tech and startups. They’re within the most exciting tech sectors today. And Barry Matsumori CEO of BridgeComm, loves it! This week on PR 360 we talk with Barry about startup life, the value proposition that led to Qualcomm being dominant, taking risks and following with passion. It’s a great episode for anyone that needs some inspiration.

The Future is in 5G with Verizon’s Kim Ancin

5G, it’s the latest G for telecom businesses. Today, we talk with Kim Ancin, Director of Corporate Communications at Verizon, about how they inform and bring awareness around 5G protocols and how marketing messages and strategies are used to get the message out. We also discuss tools to monitor PR efforts, influencer marketing, bringing awareness of 5G to non-tech people, and more! Get excited for the future of 5G and PR!

How Data is Changing the PR Industry with Western Digital’s Steve Shattuck

This week we sit down with Steve Shattuck, Senior Director, PR, and Communications at Western Digital. We discuss why it’s important to talk and listen to your customers in creating the right products for them. Also, pivoting when the market gets bumpy, generate the right leads, how to send the right message about your products, influencer marketing and more! Enjoy!

What to Do About Data with Identity Praxis’s Michael Becker

In this episode of PR 360 we are joined by Michael Becker. Michael is the Founder of Identity Praxis. We discuss how to properly use data and the coming ethical struggles on how to use data when collected. Also, the effect GDPR is having, how data helps PR Pros create the best content, how much data will be transferred to companies in the future. If you’ve ever been curious about data, this is the right episode for you!

Once Upon a Brand Story with Jason Moriber, former CSO for Verizon
Part One

Part Two

Storytelling is a word PR and marketing professionals hear often. In part one of a two-part series, we discuss Jason’s favorite books, if the phrase “tell your story” is being overused, what content is best suited for “telling a story” and more!

Tracking Success with TechNew’s Leon Harbar, Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Engagement of TechNews.io


Leon discusses the difference between TechNews from the other software’s, why niching yourself is a good idea, tracking what influencers are saying about your brand, and the future of PR! Enjoy!

Power up with B2B Social Media expert Stacey Sayer, Corporate and Digital Communications for Global Marketing at Advanced Energy

Stacey’s talks about social media and B2B, how B2B uses social media to bring awareness and debunk a few misconceptions about it, content marketing, what the future of B2B social media looks like, and cat ownership. It’s the Purrfect episode for you! Enjoy!

Answering the Call: An interview with Sharon Oddy, head of marketing and corporate comms for iconectiv

Sharon sheds light on the robocalling phenomenon and the consequences legitimate businesses face as a result of this when used in an unethical manner. A very informative episode that should not be missed!